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Agent/Business Partner Overview

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America’s Only Insurance Agency Offering Virtual Franchise Ownership

Discover America’s best Property and Casualty insurance Agency Ownership opportunity with no up front capitol investment and no monthly service fees. 1st Quality Insurance Group is your first step to insurance agency ownership providing a career path and opportunity for long term rewards.

You control your net worth and financial future.

Virtual Franchise Benefits

1st Quality Insurance Group refers to this unique program as a virtual franchise having all the benefits of insurance careersownership without any required investment. If you are a self motivated insurance professional, you may have all the tools necessary to excel as an agency owner. Send your resume to or complete the online request for additional information.

  • Ownership, control, long-term commitment, higher than average commission, and a professional support team assures the success of each Business Partner/Producer Partner. The 1st Quality Insurance Group exclusive business partner opportunity is the best career option for the licensed property and casualty agent/producer professional interested in ownership and long-term financial rewards.
  • A major benefit of being a Virtual Franchise Business Partner is the opportunity to become an agency owner without capitol investment and long-term commitments demanded by many Franchises and Cluster Groups. Business Partners can build an asset for themselves in lieu of benefiting corporations or investors. Discover the advantage of agency ownership and long-term rewards that follow; it is the Producer Partner who decides their financial future and goals.
  • 1st Quality Insurance Group, , operates as a national independent agency/broker, a division of Ramsgate Insurance, Inc. Ramsgate operates as national wholesale brokerage/MGA providing a broad appetite hard to place as well as the larger more challenging and hard to place risks. It national network of seasoned insurance professional underwrites are capable of reviewing and quoting almost any risk competitive
  • If you currently own an agency or a book of business, 1st Quality welcomes the opportunity to discuss the advantage of merging without compromising ownership or compensation. If you are a licensed agent seeking a unique long-term career opportunity, willing to contribute the effort and discipline success requires, 1st Quality has a high interest in assisting you to reach your financial goals.
  • Regardless if you are an agency owner, own an insurance book or a producer/agent who is seeking ownership opportunity, one of the major advantage 1st Quality Insurance Group offers its business partners central support for day to day customer servicer by utilizing insurance company service centers and personal assigned account managers. Business Partners can focus their time developing client relationship and growing their agency. Partners have more time to develop their financial future and build net worth by doing what agents enjoy most, sales and marketing. Unfortunate many small agency owners spend more time serving their clients than prospecting which challenges new business growth.

Career Paths Business Partner Opportunities

  • Small Business and Personal Lines Specialist (SBPLS), including limited experienced agent/producers, insurance careerstargeting small business commercial and personal lines.
  • Large Account Professional (LAP), a seasoned commercial agent/producer with the experience and ability to manage the larger prospects or clients, focusing on a specific target industry or broad, all industry generalist.
  • Home Based Remote Call Center Agent (CCA), agent producer developing insurance clients, targeting commercial and/or personal lines prospect. Leads are provide for select targets each agency is most comfortable promoting from various sources including PPC and SEO internet driven. Take advantage of 21st century technology, working from home, as well as developing personal prospects and building a financial future. IT will assist with home office set up including providing internet office phone that makes communications seamless. Quote and bind from the comfort of your home office.

Feature and Benefits: 1st Quality Insurance Group Virtual Franchise Insurance Agency Ownership

HIGH EARNINIGS: Higher than average commissions

BROAD MARKET APPETITE: Access to over 100 national, regional, and international companies (including admitted and surplus) that can consider almost any risk.

NATIONAL ACCESS: 1st Quality operates nationally providing Producer Partners the ability to place business in any or all states. Your only requirement is a non-residence license.

TRAINING: Online training by a seasoned industry professional staff dedicated to your success. Producer Partners have access to a number of company tutorials and weekly webinars.

LOCAL SUPPORT: Local Account Manager/ Account Executive seasoned professionals are assigned to each Producer Partner to assist with ongoing training, coverage recommendations, target/appetites, quoting and proposals, and are committed, motivated, and rewarded for your success. In addition, department specialists are available to provide opportunities for the larger more complex risks to assure your clients receive the risk management and pricing demanded.

OWNERSHIP: Each new client builds the Producer Partner’s net worth. The larger the client base, the higher your commission income, as well as the greater your net worth.

Agent/Producer Tools

Regardless of the path, the agent/producer owns their business. There are no up front or management fees. It is easy to merge an existing book or agency.

MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: The highest rated agency management software, Applied Epic, provides Producer Partners the opportunity to manage prospects, clients, and growth. Producer Partner can enter ACORDs, as well as review client activity and commission earning. Each Producer Partner is set up as a branch office with the ability to pull reports and manage their book growth.

INSUREEQUOTE: Exclusive online brand,, is an insurance platform providing access to quote and bind in your home or client location. Access direct to the data systems of eight major insurance companies offering multiple quotes for each ACORD entered. The system provides the same proposal each company offers its direct appointed agencies. Quote and bind at point of sale personal lines and small business prospects. ACORDs can be pulled off the system and forwarded to other markets if declined or seeking improved pricing. This is the perfect program for those with limited experience who are starting as a SBPLS. Insure Equote companies include: Travelers, Hartford, Met Life, Foremost, GMAC, Bristol West, AIG/Chartis and more. Insure Equate software fees are waved for 1st Quality Producer Partners.

VERTAFORE RATING and BINDING SOLTWARE provides for each business partner allowing the ability to quote and bind personal lines with entry of one applications receiving quote from several companies that can be bound. Agents can quote all 1st Quality personal lines client/prospects at point of sale from a lap top anywhere in US. Major competitive advantage.

HARD TO PLACE BUSINESS: Ramsgate Insurance. Inc.’s team of seasoned professional underwriters can assist with placement of the hard to place and more difficult classes of business as an Excess and Surplus Wholesale Broker/ Managing General Underwriter, (MGU). In addition, available are national target programs as well as direct access to the open brokerage markets. You will have your own in-house surplus line department working for you.

INSURANCE AGENT ERRORS AND ODMISION INSURANCE: Coverage is provided for Partner Producer with A-rated Company with high limits.

NEGOTIABLE BASE: Limited to agent producers who own an existing book or agency owner merging their book.

SALES LEAD and MARKETING SUPPORT: 1st Quality e-commerce and marketing departments will assist in developing a lead prospect system to accommodate each Producer Partner’s efforts though providing prospect x dates, internet leads, local pay-per-click, purchased lists and direct mail. Our state of the art website will drive leads in your area, utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and social media network marketing designed for your success.

SALES MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: 1st Quality Insure Group utilizes one the nation’s top ranked sales and management software systems to assist Partner Producers with managing leads, prospects, and time wisely to make the most productivity of each day and opportunity. Usage has proven to accelerate building client network and increase income through a proven system used by many fortune 500 companies.

BRAND SPECIALIST: Producer Partners have the opportunity to select from over 35 national brands or departments as a specialist representing thousands of target classes. Each brand has it own web address and landing page to provide an overview of coverage and targets to prospects. Regardless if a Producer Partner is a personal lines and small businesses specialist, (suggested target Insure Equote), or a seasoned Large Account Professional, the option is available of selecting brands/departments to target due to experience and expertise. In addition, training is available for Producer Partners with limited experience who are interested in a specific brand. Experienced agent/producers have the option of targeting all lines as a generalist.. Each brand/department is managed by a team of highly talented professional underwriters committed to the Producer Partner’s success. Please refer to the Ramsgate Network for a complete listing of brands.

RAMGATE INSURANCE, INC.: Wholesale Broker, Excess and Surplus, Hard to Place, Open brokerage. Ramsgate Insurance has partnered with 1st Quality Insurance Group to assure each Producer Partner has access to their companies, in addition to those represented directly by 1st Quality Insurance Group. Their appetite is broad and constantly expanding as market and economic trends change.

MANAGEMENT/RECRUITING OPPORTUNITIES: If you are an agency owner and seasoned insurance professional, the opportunity to recruit and manage Producer Partners in your local territory is available

PROFIT SHARING; Producer Partners who qualify can participate in profit sharing incentives and other promotions offered by the various companies that are represented.

PERFORMANCE INCENTIVES: Awards and bonus are provided for accomplishment and meeting performance goals.

SILVER PLUME SOFTWARE: Franchise Business Partners have access to our industry leading informational and educational website. It is designed to enhance producer/agents insurance knowledge and requirements of the majority of businesses with online risk management survey providing detail coverage analysis of each risk. Silver Plume can assist agents at point of sell to address specific client needs and coverage recommendations for both business and personal clients. This tool will improve closing percentages, build client confidence/relationship and eliminate most unnecessary errors and omission exposure.

OTHER FEATURES; Online ACORD applications , engineer and safety review survey check list, online tutorial for personal and commercial training , informative and educational online videos, point of sale brochures, industry resource guide, form letters to improve communications and reducer errors and omission exposure, “Insurance Journal”, online magazine, detailed glossary and dictionary of insurance terms. ISO manuals, class rating territories, protection classes and more. These tools are to aid business partners to reach their full potential as an insurance professional and business owner.

1st Quality Insurance Franchise Producer Partners earn the opportunity to be Franchise Business Partners once their client premium volume reaches $250,000. Agent/producer clients, who own an existing insurance agency or a book of insurance, can start immediately as a Franchise Business Partner. Mergers and start-ups are both welcome. Virtual franchise provides all the benefits of franchise ownership without the investments and monthly fees.

1st Quality Insurance Group is committed to the success of each Producer Partner. Regardless if you have just obtained you Property and Casualty license or are a seasoned professional with many years of experience, our objective is to create a marketing and support system to assure your success. It is impossible to reach goals unless each Producer Partner is willing to contribute the effort success requires. Those who do will excel. The tools, companies and support system are in place, as well as the rewards. We appreciate your interest and welcome your resume.